Metal Gear's David Hayter Talks Geeking Out Over Karl Urban (Emerald City Comic Con)

ECCC 2018: Metal Gear's David Hayter geeks out over Karl Urban

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Feb 25, 2019, 2:03 PM EST (Updated)

What’s that behind you? Oh, it’s just David Hayter, voice of Solid Snake, at the Emerald City Comic Con. Sitting down in Seattle, Washington with SYFY WIRE's Adam Swiderski, prolific voice actor and screenwriter Hayter discussed geeking out over favorite celebrities.

Hayter got to meet actress Jennifer Morrison along with his doppelganger, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings star Karl Urban - proving that even the people we geek out over still have some geeking out of their own to do. He fawned over Urban’s handsome mug before discussing his favorite editions of the Metal Gear Solid games (Snake Eater).

Listen in to Hayter describe his favorite experience working on a Metal Gear game and what makes those games so special, then continue to tune in to our live streaming action, which will be broadcasting all of the ECCC panels and live stage talks you need all weekend long!