Forgotten Realms Author RA Salvatore Talks about Living with Drizzt for 30 years (Emerald City Comic

ECCC 2018: R. A. Salvatore goes behind-the-scenes on his new Drizzt trilogy

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Mar 4, 2018, 8:08 PM EST

R. A. Salvatore is known for his nerdtastic additions to the Dungeons and Dragons canon thanks to his Forgotten Realms books featuring the popular character Drizzt Do'Urden. After expecting the dark elf storylines to cease, Salvatore has a new revelation for fans everywhere.

Sitting down at Emerald City Comic Con with SYFY WIRE's Jordan Zakarin, the author teased his upcoming book and how Drizzt has become inescapable. A new Drizzt trilogy is on the way, no matter how finished the author had previously thought the character's journey was: Timeless will kickstart the trilogy come September. And, according to the author, it's got a story in it from before Drizzt's birth that he's been wanting to tell for a decade.

After you learn the backstory to the newest contribution to Salvatore's intense, thirty-year long legacy with the character, you can continue to tune in to our live stream, which will be broadcasting all of the ECCC panels and live stage talks throughout the fest’s run.


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