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ECCC 2018: Star Wars Adventures writer and artist on how it plays with every era

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Mar 6, 2018, 1:30 PM EST

Emerald City Comic Con may have wrapped up its 2018 edition yesterday, we at SYFY WIRE have more goodies from the four-day convention to share, including an interview with two of the artistic talents behind IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures comic series.

Each month, the comic book title features stories starring characters from all of the Star Wars films (original trilogy, prequels and sequels). For example, a couple of issues could give us a story about Rey, then you'd get a few issues with Finn, then you'd get a Luke and Leia adventure. You get the drift. But what's also cool about it is the ongoing anthology series is officially part of the Star Wars canon.

Writer Landry Q. Walker and artist Derek Charm stopped by our Live Stage over the weekend to talk with Andre Meadows, co-host of SYFY WIRE's Snapchat show GEEKLY, about their work on Star Wars Adventures.

"The exciting thing about it is we're covering all eras of Star Wars," Walker told us. "It's kind of our sandbox to play in the prequel era, the classic, or the new films and touch into that stuff. There's a lot of room to explore. Especially for me, I'm really enjoying getting into the prequel era stuff because I feel like there's just a lot of stuff. The universe at that point — the galaxy is so huge. There's so much to play with."

"Every two or so issues is a different era in Star Wars so it never gets boring or repetitive because you’re always like 'new characters, new locations, new aliens,'" added Charm.

Walker then revealed how he usually goes about choosing which character he wants to write about next, and his pitching process to Lucasfilm. Charm, on the other hand, explained how Lucasfilm was quite open about the cartoony way the comics are illustrated.

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