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ECCC 2018: Star Wars memorabilia expert explains when collecting became a thing

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Mar 6, 2018, 5:00 PM EST

The art and industry of collecting Star Wars ephemera has a 40-year legacy that stretches way back to fanzines and early sci-fi conventions before the worldwide phenomenon erupted in May of 1977.

From action figures, board games, and playsets to bedsheets, iron-on patches, and Halloween masks, Star Wars spawned an entire Empire devoted to collectible merchandise, prop replicas, and tie-in products that spans every corner of the geek galaxy. But when exactly did this craze cross over into mainstream mania and how did it happen?


To answer this pressing question, SYFY WIRE sat down with Star Wars super-collector and founder of the Star Wars Collector's Archive, Gus Lopez.

This dedicated custodian of all things from a galaxy far, far away explains how he had the foresight to keep his toys in great condition back in the day, how the early '90s heralded the true boom for Star Wars spinoff toys and limited edition collectibles, networking internationally, and reveals how he landed his first big score!

Watch below, then tell us what your most prized Star Wars collectible is!

Additional material by Jeff Spry.