Eccleston jokingly explains exactly when he plans to return to Who

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Aug 26, 2013

Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston knows exactly when he wants to return to Doctor Who. And he’s telling.

Before you all get your hopes up ... no. Eccleston is not returning for the upcoming 50th-anniversary special (as far as we all know) that has Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, Tenth Doctor David Tennant and John Hurt as Doctor numerolet's call him 8.5battling Zygons and gawd knows what else on Nov. 23.

50th-anniversary snub aside, Eccleston knows just when and how he’ll make his eagerly awaited return.

Right. So, when will that be, exactly? And how?

We got the answer in a very special message from Eccleston himself, which was read out by host Justin Johnson during yesterday’s BFI celebration of the Ninth Doctor.

Here's the bit, taken from Radio Times:

I love the BFI. I love the Doctor and hope you enjoy this presentation. Joe Ahearne directed five of the 13 episodes of the first series. He understood the tone the show needed completely – strong, bold, pacy visuals coupled with wit, warmth and a twinkle in the performances, missus.
If Joe agrees to direct the 100th anniversary special, I will bring my sonic and a stair-lift and – providing the Daleks don’t bring theirs – I, the ninth Doctor, vow to save the universe and all you apes in it.

There you have it. A bit tongue-in-cheek, don’t you think? Eccleston is basically saying again … never. Are you at all surprised?

(Radio Times via Bleeding Cool

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