Eclipse, the third Twilight movie, gets a green light for 2010

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Summit Entertainment has green-lighted Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight series, and given it a June 30, 2010, release date, Variety reported.

Summit is expected to make the official announcement over the weekend. Twilight has generated $189 million domestically and another $174 million overseas; the second movie, New Moon, is expected to begin production shortly.

Chris Weitz replaced Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke on New Moon, with the stars reprising their roles: Robert Pattinson as Edward, Kristen Stewart as Bella and Taylor Lautner as Jacob.

Summit hasn't yet selected a director for Eclipse, in which Bella is forced to choose between Edward and Jacob. The movie is based on Stephenie Meyer's book.

[Update: reports that Weitz won't helm Eclipse and that New Moon and the third film won't be shot back to back.]