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The Warning #1 Page 5 by Ed Laroche

Exclusive: Ed Laroche tells an intimate alien invasion story in The Warning

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:55 AM EDT (Updated)

Tucked into The Warning, the latest action comic created by writer/artist Ed Laroche, is a massive alien invasion story. A monstrous machine slowly appears on the West Coast, but it’s a mystery as to who sent it. A military brigade called Gladiator Two-Six is quickly put together to confront whatever is appearing at Earth’s front door.

The first Image Comics issue will hit stands at the end of November, and is packed with science fiction and military protocol, offering a fresh take on both genres. SYFY WIRE has the exclusive preview of Issue #2.

The Warning #2 Cover

The Warning #2 Cover by Ed Laroche

“It was important for me that it sound right and that it functioned as a replacement for expositional monologues you would normally see in a caption box,” Larchoe told SYFY WIRE about the military dialogue.

“I did a lot of research, and found that I needed to be careful about how I used it. Too much of it will make your eyes glaze over and turn the page, and that’s not how I wanted it to play for the reader," he said. "So I approached the application of it like song lyrics. That means it is more sparse, and some of it repeats.”

A storyboard artist by day, Laroche self-published thrilling, independent action comics like Almighty, Bad Summer, and Waveform. However, The Warning is Laroche’s most ambitious venture, in both scope and scale, pushing his storytelling to new boundaries. Even with such large stakes, Laroche’s storytelling is very distinct — beautifully cinematic and up close.

The Warning #2 Page 3

The Warning #2 Page 3 by Ed Laroche

For example, the first issue opens up with a bee pollinating as the members of Gladiator Two-Six strap up at Edwards Air Force Base. Perhaps this stems from Laroche's belief that his imagination can’t compete with the reality of science, and so readers will find clever ways that it’s used to ground the story.

“My goal was to produce the equivalent of a tentpole summer action movie, with an introspective indie movie at its heart. In order to do that, I had to open it up and go for it," said Laroche. "So there’s the way I traditionally like to lay out these books, but now the scale of how these story elements visually play out gets bigger. That means longer action scenes and visual experimentation in depicting power sets and weaponry. It’s different than what you would typically get in a comic, but it’s all in service to telling the story. In The Warning, I really wanted to tackle scale, because scale always works better when it’s set next to reality.”

Dr. Freya Lin is a key person of interest in the story, a functional addict whose services are required by the United States military when Project Quiet Knife is reactivated. As events unfold, the members of the super soldier team, Gladiator Two-Six, along with their support staff are introduced. Eventually, Laroche will show readers the alien invaders as sadistic creatures that look human and will have inhuman motivations.

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive preview of The Warning #2 that picks up with a thrilling dogfight but, like the first issue’s opening, is juxtaposed next to something much smaller in scale. We've also included a preview of Issue #1, which comes out Nov. 28, and Issue #2, which goes on sale Dec. 19. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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