Eddie Brock is finally taking back his mantle as Venom in Marvel Comics

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May 3, 2017, 12:58 PM EDT (Updated)

Flash Thompson has spent the past few years serving as Agent Venom protecting the cosmos, but now the OG Venom is coming back.

Marvel has been teasing a big shake-up with Venom recently, and with a new character (the shady Lee Price) wearing the symbiote in Marvel’s Venom run, the board was cleared for something major. Now the publisher has confirmed that Eddie Brock is suiting back up.

Brock will be back in Venom #6, which is set to hit shelves in April. It will mark the 29th anniversary of Venom's debut.

Marvel is apparently planning a decent-sized story arc for Venom this year, and we're all for Brock making a comeback. The symbiote itself has gone through quite a bit of evolution over the past couple of years, so seeing how it matches back up with Brock should certainly be interesting. 

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