Edge of Tomorrow's home release shows studio still has no clue how to market it

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Aug 14, 2014, 6:23 PM EDT

The strange saga surrounding Edge of Tomorrow is getting even weirder. It would almost be funny if it weren't so frustratingly sad. 

Tom Cruise’s recent sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow, previously dubbed All You Need Is Kill, was awesome — but you might not know that, because it was poorly marketed and virtually no one actually went to see it in theaters. It was a touching, smart (well, for the most part) and action-packed sci-fi flick starring Tom Cruise. How do you screw that up?

We can’t tell you, but you could probably get an answer from the marketing folks over at Warner Bros. Along with the 11th-hour title change to arguably the most generic moniker ever, most of the marketing materials and trailers didn’t really do a good job of explaining the crux of the story.

Was it a big ol’ Transformers-esque action spectacle? A smart sci-fi flick a la Snowpiercer? A quieter sci-fi tale like Oblivion? Honestly, it was a little bit of all those things, and the studio couldn’t figure out how in the world to communicate that fact. Well, the confusion continues.

A leaked copy of the Blu-ray packaging has arrived online, which largely focuses on the film’s marketing tagline of “Live. Die. Repeat.” If you’re looking for the film’s actual title, you’ll find it quietly nestled at the bottom, as well as on the side (taking second billing to the tagline). Which honestly, Live. Die Repeat. is a cooler title than Edge of Tomorrow — but it’s getting confusing to shake it up this late in the game, guys. Seriously.

Regardless of whatever the hell they call the thing, we’re hopeful this overlooked sci-fi gem can find a second life at home release. It was seriously great, and if you missed it in theaters, we’d encourage you to snag a copy when it hits shelves Oct. 7.

Now let's play the title game — what would you call this movie?

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