Effects legend Brian Henson explains his ‘most challenging’ Farscape alien creation

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Apr 15, 2014, 4:33 PM EDT

Brian Henson is a living legend in the visual effects landscape, and one of his most enduring legacies is the beloved sci-fi series Farscape. So, what was the toughest creature to craft?

The former Sci Fi Channel series had no shortage of wild aliens, and to this day the series remains one of the most insanely creative shows ever to have graced the small screen. So, for Henson, what was the most challenging alien to figure out?

Not surprisingly, Henson points to Moya’s massive, extremely complex Pilot as one of the most challenging creations he’s ever made. Seeing the massive creature on-screen, watching him interact with the ship, we’d have to agree.

Here’s the choice excerpt from his interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“Pilot, oddly, is one of the most successful characters we’ve ever made. And I can say that he was also the most confounding when we were trying to design him. We designed so many iterations of Pilot before we found a design that worked with the story and the personality and everything that we wanted. To bring him to life took a lot of work, but then we were really, really happy with the result.

When we develop characters for our creatures, we try to make them feel just as real and have just as vibrant and incredible a story as the actors. We started doing that on Labyrinth, and that was certainly what we were trying to do with Farscape, which really just found its place as one of the most influential science fiction productions ever.”

Just reading along as Henson remembers the series, we can’t help but shed a tear of nostalgia. Here’s hoping those rumors of a revival turn out to be true.

So, what was your favorite alien creation from Farscape?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)