Stranger Things, Eleven with Eggo Waffles
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Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Eggo pursues? Upside Down hotel jaunts? Stranger Things merch mania in full swing

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Oct 26, 2017, 1:54 PM EDT

When some people think of Stranger Things, they think of old-school sci-fi and an 80s synth soundtrack. When we think of Stranger Things, our minds automagically turn to Eggos (because we’re always thinking of food). Luckily, Eggo has us covered...

...And so do a whole lot of other companies, who want to tie in to the Stranger Things popularity. But first, the most important tie-in: Eleven's favorite breakfast.

Eggo has created nine recipes for your Stranger Things viewing party, with savory and sweet delectables. Recipes have titles such as “Trick or Treat, Freak,” “Madmax,” and “Episode 9.”

Here’s an example for you:

Episode 7

Cut each pineapple slice into four pieces.

Toast Kellogg’s Eggo Homestyle Waffle according to package directions. Place on serving plate. Top with coconut, pineapple slices, whipped cream and macadamia nuts. Serve with knife and fork.

Sounds easy enough. But it's all in the presentation. So what do you think this looks like?


Are you gluten free? Don’t tell Eggo, but you can easily substitute gluten-free waffles

You can go to the Eggo website, but you’ll only find straight-up, non-themed Eggo recipes there.  But you can find a retro cover, circa 1984, that you can slap on to your current Eggo box. 

Not only that, Eggo wants you to use those Eggo boxes like a boss. Along with Netflix, as io9 writes, Eggo has released some hacks for the carton: a purse, a boombox, and below, something very useful when you're heading into the Upside-Down:


If you want even more Hawkins-based fun, go to Netflix’s Stranger Things page. As Variety reports, if you give the show a thumbs-up, a glowing red ball appears on the right of the screen. Click on it. Experience the Upside-Down version of the popular site. (We tried it, and it works. Remember to keep the sound on.)  

Target also has a bevy of retro toys and clothes for the Stranger Things fan looking to wear it with pride. Sadly, the fans seem to have already raided the stockpile of Upside Down gear. They’re all sold out.


The Gregory Hotel in NYC is offering a Stranger Things-themed room, complete with a “light-up wall tapestry,” Eggo snacks (snacks!), and of course, the ability to stream the show from your Netflix account.

Will you be binging on these Eggo recipes as you binge on Stranger Things? Will you be watching from the Gregory Hotel? And have you bought out all the Stranger Things merch at Target? Let us know in the comments.

(Via Variety)