Eggs, bacon, sausage, and spam

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Aug 11, 2007

There have been many complaints lately about the spam filter eating comments here; this happens every single frickin' time I upgrade WordPress. I have fiddled with the filter settings, which might help. I have to be careful; since the BABlog is the world's best blog I get lots of attention from evil &%&^@$)@ spammers. If I don't keep a tight rein on the filter, the comments get loaded with all sorts of nonsense.

Now, if you can't comment, it's rather hard for me to know because, duh, you can't comment. But you can go to BAUT and post something there about it; I check there frequently. If you do, BE AS COMPLETE AS POSSIBLE in your description. Computer type, OS, browser, even what you tried to post: all this info helps. Just telling me you cannot comment doesn't help me.

Also, and this is just a so's you know: I don't delete anyone's comments here unless they are spam, or they are rude (insults, ad hominems, lots of bad words, etc). Accusing me of deleting your comments and insulting me in the process is, ironically, a good way to get your comments deleted. It is an irony of freedom of speech that people can comment here on how they think they are being censored.

Anyway, there you go. I'm trying to keep this all out in the open, and stay reasonably polite while doing so. I'll continue to fiddle with the filter settings to optimize the interactivity here. It's a valuable part of the BAblog.

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