Eight reasons the '60s Batman TV show's legacy is bat-tastic

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:24 AM EDT (Updated)

The contributions of Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, Paul Dini, and Bruce Timm to Batman’s onscreen persona are well-known. But the influence of writer Lorenzo Semple, Jr., who died last week at the age of 91, outstrips them all. One of the creators of the 1966 Batman TV show and movie, Semple might have been considered a celebrity showrunner had his work aired today.

In the long list of artists and writers whose contributions to the Dark Knight's legend are largely uncredited, Semple's are perhaps the most stubbornly stuck in our collective consciousness. While the show is justly experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the Batman '66 comic and a Blu-ray release later this year, what follows is a look at Semple's contributions and other bat-innovations from the Adam West era that have become both an enduring part of the bat-mythos - and of culture at large.

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