Eli Roth aims for Hemock Grove to 'really #@&! up an entire generation'

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Apr 9, 2013, 3:43 PM EDT

Eli Roth is no stranger to shocking the hell out of us.

He did it with Cabin Fever, he did it with Hostel, and now he's trying to do it series-style with the 13-episode Netlix original series Hemlock Grove. Speaking this week at the MIPTV conference in France, Roth said Netflix really let the Hemlock Grove crew "run wild" with the show, which he executive-produced. Unlike network television and basic cable, which would force greater restrictions on content, Roth said Netflix is better for horror, because “you want to see the sex and the killing and the violence. What’s great about Netflix and Gaumont (the French TV company that produced the series) is you can really push the envelope in that direction.”

So how far are Roth and company pushing said envelope? Well, Roth calls the show "beautiful and horrific," and noted that there are some things -- like a particular werewolf transformation sequence -- that "would really #@&! up an entire generation."

So Roth wants to do for serialized programming what stuff like The Evil Dead and The Exorcist did for horror cinema. Will he succeed? Find out when Hemlock Grove hits Netflix on April 19.

And in case you're not up on it yet, here's Hemlock Grove's official synopsis and first trailer:

When the mangled corpse of a local teenager is discovered, rumor and suspicion spread like a plague through Hemlock Grove. As dark secrets bubble to the surface, everyone becomes a suspect in the hunt for a monster that may be hiding in plain sight.

(Via Deadline)