The Green Inferno

Eli Roth unleashes cannibal terror in The Green Inferno trailer

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Jun 2, 2014, 12:00 PM EDT

Horror director Eli Roth really seems to have an issue with traveling abroad.

Think about it: His two previous directorial efforts, Hostel and Hostel 2, were about students vacationing in Eastern Europe being abducted and used as torture victims for paying customers, while last year's Aftershock -- which he wrote, produced and starred in -- featured tourists being caught in the horrific aftermath of a major earthquake in Chile.

Now, with The Green Inferno -- his first film as director in seven years -- Roth takes us into the jungles of Peru with a team of activists hoping to protect the country's rainforest. But when their plane crashes, the survivors find themselves at the mercy of an isolated tribe of cannibals ... and guess who's on the menu?

A trailer for the movie has now arrived, and although this is not a found-footage film, it seems clear that Roth intends to pay homage to the granddaddy of that genre, Cannibal Holocaust. I'm not sure just how gross he'll get, but hey, it's Eli Roth -- so I would guess that some serious gutmunching is going to be served up.

Check out the trailer below, via Yahoo Movies. The Green Inferno arrives in theaters on Sept. 5.