Elisabeth Moss And Michael Stuhlbarg join Shirley Jackson horror; Elizabeth Shue joins superhero series The Boys

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May 17, 2018, 4:39 PM EDT (Updated)

Mary Shelley isn’t the only horror author getting a new biopic. Especially if the woman behind The Haunting of Hill House has her say. A new psychological thriller involving the life of horror novelist Shirley Jackson and the superhero adaptation series The Boys added cast members today.

According to Deadline (for both projects), Elisabeth Moss and Michael Stuhlbarg will be joining Shirley, while Elisabeth Shue is boarding The Boys. Moss will play the “beautiful tortured spirit” of Jackson, while Stuhlbarg’s role is as her college professor husband, the “unflinchingly charismatic-while-cruel Stanley.”

These descriptions come from director Josephine Decker, who recently helmed Madeline’s Madeline, who is working from a script by Sarah Gubbins. Gubbins adapted the screenplay from Susan Scarf Merrell’s novel of the same name, which imagines the terror of a young couple moving into Jackson and Hyman’s home only to find themselves becoming the subjects of her latest work.

But enough about horror, let’s get into the superpowers of The Boys. Shue’s new role, in the Amazon adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's sideways superhero comic where government superheroes fight privately owned ones, is as Madelyn Stillwell. Stillwell is VP of Hero Management at the antagonistic company Vought, which, in the comic, owns the seven superheroes that the titular Boys must keep in check.

Stillwell, likely related to the comics’ James Stillwell (who is really in charge of the company), runs the personas and assignments of her heroes. That means doing damage control, image rehabilitation, and other high-level PR tasks. If you want to learn more about the class-driven superhero series, you can check out our explainer below: