Eliza Dushku is gonna be a Marvel hero—but which one?

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

With Joss Whedon directing The Avengers, the Marvel universe is already getting a heavy dose of his Buffy the Vampire Slayer-style wit—but now it looks like a former slayer is about to actually take up the mantle of a famed Marvel character. But which one?

Eliza Dushku, who played Faith on Buffy and starred as Echo in Whedon's short-lived Fox series Dollhouse, has reportedly signed on to voice She-Hulk in the upcoming Marvel animated series Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., which will be airing on Disney XD.

The news comes from fellow actor Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli on NBC's Heroes), who has done quite a bit of voice work recently, most notably that of Iron Man on Ultimate Spider-Man.

After working with Dushku in recent weeks, Pasdar said she seems to stand out a bit among other voice actors—in a good way.

"The funny thing is if people were to actually visit these animation rooms and see the guys and the girls that are doing it, with the exception of Eliza, who's a stunning beauty, the rest of us, we don't look quite as good as the animation characters they draw for us," he joked to IGN. "It's really quite funny. You see these middle-aged guys having fun, playing these younger whippersnappers. It's quite amusing to look around the room."

Sound off: Was She-Hulk your pick, or is there some other Marvel character you think fits Dushku better?

(via IGN)