Elizabeth Banks to play villain Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers reboot

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Feb 2, 2016, 4:52 PM EST

A big-budget, big-screen reboot of Power Rangers seemed like a bizarre idea, but the latest bit of casting news seems like this thing could be absolutely bonkers. In the best possible way.

We’ve been wondering which direction they’d take the movie’s central threat, and now we have confirmation that original series villain Rita Repulsa will be back in action. The interesting part? She’ll be played by Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect), which is a surprising (and A-list) actress to take the story. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news, and Banks also made it official.

Rita Repulsa was a bigger-than-life, silly villain in the original series, as she sought to take over the world by sending crazy monsters to battle the Rangers on a weekly basis. As for how they’ll handle the Banks version? She could definitely take up the silliness, or potentially go in a more menacing direction.

Regardless, this project just got a little more interesting. Hey, if we can’t have Adi Shankar’s gritty take on the franchise, this will have to do.


(Via The Hollywood Reporter)