Elizabeth Banks responds to fan's fears she'll ruin Hunger Games

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Dec 16, 2012

Actress Elizabeth Banks, who plays media maven Effie Trinket in the upcoming movie The Hunger Games, has been receiving flack from her anti-fans on Twitter. It turns out she knows how to respond.

When sosyourfacee tweeted, "i hope @ElizabethBanks doesn't ruin the hunger games for me. really starting to dislike her as of late," Banks responded: "I know, right?"

Very cool.

Banks, who we know from her roles as Starla in Slither and Betty Brant in the Spider-Man series, discussed this and more in an interview with NYMag. When on topic about The Hunger Games, she mostly spoke about Effie's over-the-top outfits. "The hair and makeup didn't happen immediately. It was a couple days of playing and tweaking. ... It was really a bunch of fans sitting around discussing what our visions were for everything."

But she became more eloquent when the interviewer suggested that The Hunger Games was "darker" than the Harry Potter movies.

I think it's appropriately toned for a PG-13 movie. You have to remember this isn't a G. It's not Disney. The book had a lot of adult themes, but we were very cognizant of making sure that what you're connected to are the characters, that you understand it's life or death for this girl. She wants to go back to her family and she wants to take this boy with her. And it's also the message that you matter, that the act of a single person can set off a revolution. I think we're seeing that all over the world right now. It's very timely, and I think it's such a great message to give.

You can see Banks in The Hunger Games when it's released on March 23. You can get a taste of her sometimes-ribald humor on her Twitter feed.

(via NYMag)