Elizabethan Vader + 17 more Renaissance Star Wars and superhero cosplay pics

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Nov 18, 2014

Here's a courtly collection of formal cosplay images featuring a fantastic array of icons from geek films and comic books, all clothed in the romantic garb of the Renaissance.   Artist and photographer Sacha Goldberger created this historic photo shoot for a special art exhibition last weekend at the Grand Palais in Paris, using beloved characters like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Batman, Catwoman, Green Hornet, Captain America and more to make a statement on the eternal nature of our cherished heroes and villains. Goldberger's talented team of costumers, cosplayers, hair stylists and makeup artists worked diligently to produce some uncannily accurate throwback versions of these characters and the original actors who portrayed them on film and TV.  

Clad in frilled Elizabethan collars, tights and capes, this assortment of crime fighters, aliens, robots and mutants seems to step right out of an Old World painting, instilled with the vices and virtues each one is most famous for.  Have a look and return to the regal cosplay of a more civilized age.

(Via Kotaku)

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