Elon Musk selling flamethrowers for $500, but he promises they're not for zombies

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Jan 29, 2018

Maybe Elon Musk is taking the preventive approach to the zombie apocalypse. After the Tesla mogul, SpaceX CEO, and Boring Company founder set the internet ablaze with a weekend’s worth of buzz over a brand-new, yes-you-can-buy-it flamethrower, we’re pretty sure even the brains-hungriest zombies are slinking back into the shadows … if only for now.

​​​At $500, the Boring Company's new flamethrower is a decidedly consumer-friendly piece of kit — at least, as long as you’re not on its business end. And sure enough, only a day after announcing pre-orders, they'd already sold 7,000 of the things, easily cruising toward the $4 million sales mark. 

Musk has been having plenty of online fun with his tunnel-digging company's newest offering, promising Twitter that he isn’t secretly planning to manufacture zombies just to fuel flamethrower sales.

We suspect he’s telling the truth, too, since the flamethrower’s already a super-hot seller (see what we did there?). But in full disclosure, we have to report that Musk isn’t above resorting to some good old-fashioned scare tactics, if it helps to lure would-be buyers.

If the Twitter reactions are anything to go by, we’d say the lure is definitely working. The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs is on the bandwagon, so never let it be said that fear doesn't motivate people to buy:


​​​​​And this one, from Gearbox Games' Randy Pitchford, is super-intriguing:

Unless Musk really does have a secret zombie-making process and stands ready to supply the incendiary-industrial complex once he turns them all loose, we’re gonna believe his original story: that this whole thing comes from a fun place. Back in December, Musk had tweeted that the Boring Company would begin selling flamethrowers if it surpassed its goal of selling 50,000 Boring Company hats. 

Plus, as CNBC notes, federal regulations limit sale of the fire-spitting devices if they’re capable of sending the flames farther than 10 feet, so it’s probably best to assume these things wouldn’t make the best zombie siege weapons. 

Still, you don’t wanna be the guy holding the camera when this is happening:


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