Elon Musk's futuristic Hyperloop Transit System set for Texas test track

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Jan 16, 2015, 9:20 PM EST (Updated)

If visionary industrialist Elon Musk's future dreams come true, we'll all be hurtling across the United States through steel tubes inside aluminum capsules at the speed of 800 mph. For the past few years, the charismatic founder of Tesla Motors and chief technology officer of SpaceX has been outspoken regarding this sci-fi transportation system that would link large cities 1,000 miles apart.  

His ambitious Hyperloop Transit System plans on shuttling passengers between Los Angeles and San Francisco every 30 seconds, eliminating the wait, boarding and takeoff time associated with the hassles of air travel.   A test track facility somewhere in Texas is being proposed to further advance pod testing and development and to allow student teams and corporate engineers access to the technology.  Musk hit Twitter with notions of academic teams testing out their pod designs and even proposed an annual Formula SAE-like student pod race for fun.  Physics and engineering students from UCLA's SupraStudio and professionals at Tesla, Boeing and SpaceX are deeply involved with the sensationally speculative project.  Before you give up your frequent flier miles, check out this video presentation and tell us if you think it may happen in our lifetime ...

(Via IGN)