Elon Musk's next big project: A super battery that can power your entire home

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Jul 4, 2015, 3:56 PM EDT (Updated)

He’s already cranking out electric cars via Tesla and trying to conquer the stars with SpaceX, but now billionaire Elon Musk wants to get inside your house.

Though Tesla is running behind in regard to shipping as many electric cars as originally projected, Musk revealed on a recent earnings call that the company is cooking up something else battery-related — with aims to eventually be able to power an entire home. Musk didn’t go into much more detail about the project, but he did reveal that design work is winding down and production could ramp up within the next six months.

The idea of creating a battery that can power an entire house isn’t a new one, and it’s actually something Tesla has been tinkering with for at least a year. As The Verge notes, Musk revealed last year that the company wanted to create a stationary battery pack that could be used in the home. Musk said he envisioned something “wall mounted, with a beautiful cover, an integrated bi-directional inverter, and plug and play.”

On that same 2014 call, Tesla’s chief technical officer JB Straubel spoke to the need and demand for this type of technology — and the applications are limitless. It could be used as a temporary source during emergencies, and provide a much more stable source of juice than generators for places like hospitals or aid offices. Here’s what Straubel had to say:

"The long-term demand for stationary energy storage is extraordinary. We’ve done a huge amount of effort there and have talked to major utilities and energy service companies." 

Musk didn’t provide a timetable as to when they’ll officially unveil the project, but signs point to sooner as opposed to later. What do you think? Is there a need for ultra-batteries that could power an entire home?

(Via The Verge)