The email that launched a thousand blog posts

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Dec 19, 2007

Glenn Branch of the NCSE -- the organization that you should thank profusely for tirelessly fighting creationists trying to subvert our children, reality, and the First Amendment -- has written about the email he sent out that led to Chris Comer in Texas being fired forced to resign.

I love what he wrote, especially this bit:

It’s absurd, of course, to regard Comer’s forwarding of my announcement of Forrest’s talk as endorsing Forrest’s view (ask a linguist). But that absurdity pales in comparison to the absurdity of the Texas Education Agency trying to adopt a position of “neutrality” on evolution, when (as the National Academy of Sciences observes) “The scientific consensus around evolution is overwhelming.” As Forrest commented, “Maybe the TEA can’t afford to take a position on what constitutes good science education—maybe it must remain neutral on whether or not to lie to students about evolution—but if so, that's just sad.”

Go Glenn!

Hat tip to PZ.

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