SYFY WIRE live streamed from Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA. Watch below for complete coverage from our Live Stage and two panel rooms, which include interviews, artist sketches, cosplay and more.


Panel Room 1

Below are all four days of our live stream of Panel Room #1. Check out the Schedule for what each day's stream includes - and make sure to check out what happened on our Live Stage and in Panel Room 2. 

Sunday's Panel 1 Stream
Emerald City Comic Con Rm 1 (Day 4) | Mark Sheppard, Voice Acting 101 | SYFY WIRE
Sunday's Panel 1 Stream
Thursday - Panel 1
Thursday's Panel 1 Stream
LIVE: Emerald City Comic Con | Panel 1 - Friday | SYFY WIRE
Friday's Panel 1
Emerald City Comic Con (Day 3) | Christopher Lloyd, American Gods, and Cosplay | SYFY WIRE
Saturday's Panel 1 Stream