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Emile Hirsch pushing for Speed Racer 2, which already has a script

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May 15, 2018, 11:26 AM EDT (Updated)

One of the most unapologetically kinetic action movies in recent memory, whose neon visuals and sugar-rushed aesthetic helped build the bridge between live-action adaptation and original cartoon, Speed Racer has become a bit of a cult hit in the decade since its release.

The Wachowskis, somewhat daunted in the face of their film’s tepid box-office performance, shelved a planned sequel, but with the dedication of the original’s fans still holding true 10 years later, that sequel may still have a shot at seeing the light of day. Especially if star Emile Hirsch has his way.

The actor took to Twitter on the anniversary, explaining his generational revisit of the film and taking the temperature of fans on the proposed sequel.


With 7.5k retweets as of this posting, Hirsch’s plea has certainly found the Speed Racing faithful, but whether that will be enough for either the studio (Warner Bros. has helped crowdsourced films before for subjects like Veronica Mars and Voldemort) or the directors (who’ve recently come off their run on the Netflix show Sense8) to pay attention has yet to be seen.

However, with films like Super Troopers 2 finding funding from their loyal, if modest, followings, anything seems possible in the evolving film landscape.