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WIRE Buzz: Emilia Clarke in The Amazing Maurice; Kristen Bell in Molly and the Moon; Dark Shadows dead

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Nov 5, 2020, 12:42 PM EST

The animated adaptation of the Terry Pratchett book The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents has started filling out its star-studded cast. Announced back in June, the adaptation (titled The Amazing Maurice) comes from directors Toby Genkel and Florian Westermann alongside writer Terry Rossio. Now it's added a slew of stars.

According to Variety, the story of a cat, a child piper, and a group of talking rats — doing their own scheming take on a PIed Piper tale — has nabbed stars Hugh Laurie and Emilia Clarke. Other cast members include David Thewlis, Himesh Patel, Gemma Arterton, and Hugh Bonneville — though no roles have yet been announced for the animation.

The first Discworld book for kids (and the 28th overall), The Amazing Maurice looks to give fans a fun fairy tale riff with some familiar genre voices behind it all.

The Amazing Maurice looks to arrive, in the U.K. at least, in 2022.

Next, a new musical that's part allegory, part fantasy has found its stars.

Deadline reports that Molly and the Moon, a fantasy musical written and directed by How I Met Your Mother's Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, has cast Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff as its parental leads. The story documents a mother and father singing to their unborn child — all while the child goes on a fantastical adventure of her own trying to get to these voices...which manifest as the moon in her world.

“It’s all live action; we really wanted to make it feel like the classic live action fantasy movies of our childhood, things like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal," said Bays. "As we were building off of this metaphor, it became, how do we show this journey? How do we visualize a soul trying to make it into the world?"

"For us, it felt like the journey of climbing a mountain. Molly is this little girl and the moon in the movie represents being alive and participating in the world. It’s her journey, trying to get to the moon. Around that we built this magical fantasy world that we cut back and forth from, that interacts with the real world in surprising ways. We see the fantasy journey and the friends she makes along the way. There’s a knight in shining armor. There’s a talking bunny that she meets in the forest. There’s a monster that she has to face. It’s a real hero’s journey for her.”

Loosely inspired by Thomas' own tribulations with parenthood, Molly and the Moon is out to potential buyers now.

Finally, the would-be Dark Shadows reboot series at The CW has died for good.

TVLine reports that there will be no resurrection for Dark Shadows: Resurrections, which had planned to reboot the soapy and supernatural cult hit for the modern era. Instead the plans to reboot the 1969-71 show, from writer Mark B. Perry, didn't even make it to the pilot stage.

Now the series is no longer even in development, with The CW seemingly passing on the project as a whole.