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Emilia Clarke wants Game of Thrones to get more attention for its story, not its nudity

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Whether it’s Red Weddings, ice-breathing dragons, or clothing-optional, musical-chairs trysts, there’s little about Game of Thrones that isn’t captivating and extreme. But when it comes to all those naked bodies in HBO’s epic series, Daenerys Targaryen herself is hoping fans are paying more attention to the show’s plot and intrigue than to all that skin. 

Speaking in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, GoT star Emilia Clarke acknowledges the show has acquired a reputation among some viewers for its abundant sex and nudity. But it’s a rap she says is undeserved — especially when there’s so much else going on.

“I’m starting to get really annoyed about this stuff now because people say, ‘Oh, yeah, all the porn sites went down when Game of Thrones came back on,’” she told the magazine.

Clarke’s affection for The Handmaid’s Tale drives her point home. Sure, she said, there’s plenty of exposed skin in that series — as well as some tremendously powerful storytelling (storytelling that, one should note, helped the series win eight Emmy Awards this year).

“I’m like, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale?’ I f***ing love that show, and I cried when it ended because I couldn’t handle not seeing it. That is all sex and nudity.”

She added: “There are so many shows centered around this very true fact that people reproduce. People f*** for pleasure — it’s part of life.”

The actress has got a busy year ahead: She'll soon be seen in another high-profile project, Solo: A Star Wars Story, which opens on May 25. And she's also set to appear in the Phillip Noyce thriller Above Suspicion, which has yet to announce a release date.