Emily, Bigfoot, and awesomeness

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Jan 23, 2008

OK, so the web traffic has slowed to firehost rates, and people can actually access this site again. So I will direct you to Emily's blog, where -- in all her awesomeness -- she has posted a 3D anaglyph of the Martian Bigfoot! How cool is that?

She also makes the point that color images don't start off that way: they are actually stacked images taken through different filters. So that means that anytime you see a color image from space, you are looking at something that isn't moving, or else it would look all funny, blurred out in different colors. Imagine someone walking in front of you. Now take their picture using a red filter, then swap it for blue, then swap that for green... while the person continues to walk. What you'd get is a triple exposure, with three ghostly images of a person, one in red, one blue, and one green.

I mentioned Bigfoot was patient. But c'mon!

Anyway, check out Emily, as you should be doing anyway, and remember how silly teh intertoobs can be.

Update: Gia told me the BBC site links back to me on this. Tally ho! And have I mentioned lately how wonderful, smart, and pretty Gia is?

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