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Emily Blunt returns for A Quiet Place 2, John Krasinski confirmed to direct

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Feb 22, 2019, 3:23 PM EST

A Quiet Place took horror audiences and the box office by storm last year when its sound-attracted monsters led to a near-wordless experience that’s inventiveness and skill made it a surprise hit. A sequel was almost inevitable. Director/co-writer/star of the first film John Krasinski was immediately enlisted to write a follow-up, but it was unclear if he would return to helm it and what exactly the sequel would be about. Thanks to today’s confirmations, fans have a little better idea of what to expect.

According to Deadline, Krasinski will return to direct A Quiet Place 2 and the original film’s family will play at least some role in the sequel because Emily Blunt will reprise her character. After speculation that the film would follow a different family in the same universe, Blunt’s involvement seems to hint that at least some of the original heroes will still be involved in the new plot.

This theory is furthered by Krasinski’s Instagram, which reiterated the premiere date but with the hashtag “#partII” and the phrase “...time to go back.”

Take a look:

With a trail out the door of the compromised Abbott home, the sequel tease could very well be about the family’s next steps after the events of the first film. That seems especially true since The Hollywood Reporter has written that the two kids from the first film, actors Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, are both still under option to reprise their roles - meaning it could be a whole family affair now that Blunt is onboard.

However, fans will have to wait a while to find outfor sure, since production for the May 15, 2020 film is set to start in July.