Emma Stone on what makes Zombieland a horror comedy

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Emma Stone told SCI FI Wire that she plays a con artist on the run from flesh-eaters in the upcoming horror-comedy Zombieland and also backed off the Hollywood hype that she's attached to the cast of Zack Snyder's upcoming Sucker Punch.

SCI FI Wire spoke exclusively to Stone (Superbad) earlier this month while she was promoting Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which opens nationwide on May 1. The following are edited excerpts from our exclusive interview with Stone.

Zombieland is among your upcoming projects. How hard is it to pull off a zombie comedy?

Stone: It's not really as tricky as you'd think, just because of the people in it. Woody Harrelson is in it, and he's just brilliant. We finished last week, and I got back home a couple of days ago. He's so funny, and you've got Jesse [Eisenberg] and Abigail [Breslin]. Everybody did a great job. And it's not really satirical in any way. It's very much a true representation of how these four characters would react if zombies really took over the world. The comedy just comes from these people's personalities and less about making fun of zombie movies in any way.

So you, Harrelson, Eisenberg and Breslin are not zombies ...

Stone: I'm not a zombie. We're four of the last survivors of this zombie apocalypse, basically. And our zombies are not dead. They're still alive. They've just [contracted] this terrible disease that turns people into flesh-eating velociraptor monsters. And the way it gets transmitted is you have to be bitten by a zombie. So we're all fighting for our lives, basically, throughout the entire movie, and we kind of meet each other. Abigail plays my little sister, and we're con artists. We were con artists before Zombieland, so it carries us well into Zombieland, what we're doing with the guns and stuff. Woody and Jesse are these unlikely heroes. We all meet up and try to tag along.

What's happening with Sucker Punch? Are you on board officially or no?

Stone: I don't know about Sucker Punch yet. The movie itself is so fantastic. Whether I'm part of that or not, ... I have read the script, and I do know that Zack is such an amazing director, and the movie is going to be so cool. It's really going to blow people's minds, that's for sure. As for my involvement ...