Emmerich and Devlin are on a mission to make ID4 sequels 'lovable'

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

Earlier this year, Independence Day co-writer Dean Devlin told the world he's got high hopes for the continuation of the franchise because he and co-writer/director Roland Emmerich finally nailed down an idea. Now they've got to make the flicks, and their chief goal seems to be making everything nice and "lovable."

Perhaps in an effort to shore up a new generation of fans for the forthcoming (we hope) sequels, Fox plans to re-release the original ID4 in 3D for Fourth of July weekend next year, despite Emmerich's confessed dislike of 3D. The sequels, according to Emmerich, will be shot in 2D and then post-converted to 3D by the studio, if he gets to make them. In a brief interview with German film site Film Starts, Emmerich noted that a "tough battle" is underway between the studio and members of the cast, presumably over how much money it would take to get everyone back together.

But storywise, Emmerich believes he and Devlin have come up with a "quite unique" way to continue the franchise with two films tentatively titled ID Forever Part One and ID Forever Part Two. For Devlin, who was apparently so hung up on making nothing but the best ID4 sequels that he once returned a paycheck for a sequel script he wrote that wasn't good enough, the mission now becomes about preserving an essential element from the first film and projecting it through the second and third.

"The thing that really hit me about the movie is how much love there is in it: between the characters; that the filmmakers had making it; that the cast had for each other," Devlin said. "As we're approaching a sequel we're focusing on that aspect of it. Because I think that was really the key as to why it worked for everyone. It was lovable."

We can see the tagline now. ID Forever Part One: "Smith, Pullman, Goldblum, Aliens, Love."

What do you think? Are Emmerich and Devlin headed in the right direction?

(Via Bleeding Cool)