Empire Strikes Back actor Christopher Malcolm dies at 67 years old

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Dec 18, 2018, 8:00 PM EST (Updated)

Former Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back actor Christopher Malcolm, best remembered as a pilot with the rebellion, has passed away at the age of 67.

For sci-fi fans, the actor was probably best known for playing the character Zev Senesca in the Star Wars sequel Empire Strikes Back. If you need a refresher: Senesca flew as Rogue Two during the Battle of Hoth. Along with his Star Wars role, Malcolm also showed up in a few more sci-fi classics.

Most notably, he had key roles in the 1986 flicks Highlander and Labyrinth. Malcolm played vigilante Kirk Matunus in Highlander, and portrayed Jennifer Connolly's father in Labyrinth. Between those two, and Star Wars, he essentially cemented his legacy in '80s genre work.

Malcolm’s daughter confirmed his passing via Twitter:

In addition to his sci-fi performances, Malcolm also had notable roles in the stage production of The Rocky Horror Show and the British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. R.I.P., Malcolm, the rebels will always owe you a great debt.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)