Empire Strikes Back coming back to the big screen with 'secret' Star Wars experience

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Mar 11, 2015, 6:03 PM EDT

The sci-fi classic Empire Strikes Back is coming back to the big screen in London, and it's bringing a massively immersive Star Wars experience with it.

Secret Cinema, the group that most recently hosted a Back to the Future screening in a model version of downtown Hill Valley, has announced its next ambitious project: an immersive screening of The Empire Strikes Back. The event will take place in London from June 4 until Aug. 2, with tickets on sale March 18. The screening location has yet to be announced.

Secret Cinema started off as a grassroots project that spread the word through social media about “secret” screenings of classic films in odd locales, but it's quickly grown into a massive event in recent years. The Back to the Future screening was a huge hit and insanely ambitious, and it sounds like they’re wanting to go even bigger for Star Wars. Here’s the tantalizing description of the event:

Earth is the system. We are seeking rebels from around the world to join the Rebel Alliance and head to a Secret City where they will be taken on a journey through the world of Star Wars. 

Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in a secret London location from June 4th 2015. 

Look out for a secret code on forgotten buildings in the days to come which will lead to a secret portal.

We are gathering those that believe in the Force by reinstating the importance of romance, adventure and mystery in this high-speed world.

Considering the extended run time of two months, it would stand to reason this will mark Secret Cinema’s most immersive film screening yet. We don’t know what they’re planning, but we sure as heck hope we get to see some mock AT-ATs wandering around. Tickets are priced at approximately $112 per person, so whatever they do, it had better be worthwhile.

If you’re around the London area, do you plan to check this one out?

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