Endeavour to launch Wednesday

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Jun 15, 2009

NASA has decided: Endeavour will attempt a launch Wednesday June 17, at -- get this -- 05:40 Eastern time (09:40 GMT). So I won't be watching, as that's 3:40 a.m. my time.

This means the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will be delayed once again, this time due to launch on Thursday June 18. There are three launch opportunities on that day: 17:12, 17:22, and 17:32 Eastern time (21:12 etc. GMT).

Interestingly, Endeavour will carry on board the 500th human to go to space! Who that is specifically is

still to be not easily determined, as it depends on where their seats are on the Shuttle as well as the position of Endeavour when it hits the 100km mark, the official demarcation of space, but has been confirmed to be Chris Cassidy. That link has the list of all people who have gone into space previously, which is actually pretty cool. That might be handy to have around for those of you doing school reports...

Don't forget that you can follow NASA on Twitter as well as STS-127 mission commander, Mark Polansky.

Tip o' the spacesuit helmet about the 500th space human to BABloggee regular Michael Lonergan.

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