Engineer spends 11 years building amazing 17-ton moving beetle mech

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Sep 10, 2013, 10:08 AM EDT (Updated)

This is one big, badass beetle.

Way back in 1998, Japanese engineer Hitoshi Takahashi began work on a little project: a massive mechanized beetle that would eventually be able to walk on all six of its legs and impress everyone who saw it. More than a decade later, in 2009, the then-60-year-old Takahashia finished the 17-ton (that's 34,000 pounds) mech, which he would name "Kabutom RX-03," after the Japanese beetle known as "kabutomushi," which it resembles. 

Since then, he's been showing the mech off in parking lots around Japan, as well at major tech events, and his creation has become quite the attraction. When Takahashi himself reminisces about when he first began construction on Kabutom RX-03, though, he doesn't think about the potential glory the project had in store. Instead, he thinks about what his wife said when she learned of his plan.

"Oh, that sound interesting, so make it. You could probably ride it to take out the trash."

Today, after more than 10 years of work, the RX-03 is an incredible creation that walks on six diesel-powered legs and can carry six adult passengers. It's also one of the coolest bugs we've ever seen. 

For more on Takahashi's mech, check out his website (warning: It's in Japanese).

(Via Kotaku)