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Enter a low-budget Battle Room in amusingly sweded Ender's Game trailer

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Jun 12, 2013, 4:52 PM EDT

The sci-fi epic Ender’s Game is looking like an FX bonanza — but this sweded version of the first trailer shows you can still have some low-budget fun with cardboard and fireworks.

Based on Orson Scott Card’s acclaimed sci-fi novel of the same name, the film is set in a massive space-station training base. Translating those big FX shots to a low-budget version is pretty awesome to behold — and mostly accomplished with cardboard and sleight of hand.

Considering how much money goes into producing those epic shots, it's a nice throwback to get a look at how you might do it all with nothing more than duct tape and good intentions.

So while we wait for more footage from the real version of this blockbuster in November, let’s have a laugh at the low-budget take.

(Via CineFix)