An entire town starts killing itself in creepy trailer for Korean horror flick The Wailing

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Jun 3, 2016, 10:53 AM EDT

Sure, America churns out its fair share of creepy movies, but don’t forget about horror of the international variety. Case in point: The Wailing.

This Korean horror film, helmed by director Na Hong-jin (The Yellow Sea), was a critical hit at Festival de Cannes and is already blowing up the box office in South Korea (it knocked off Captain America: Civil War there, as a point of reference). The latest trailer (plus an earlier cut) are creepy and atmospheric, as they peel back the layers of a small village going absolutely mad.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis: 

Hot off its premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the latest from South Korean genre master Na Hong-jin (The Chaser, The Yellow Sea) is a mesmerizing, boundary-pushing horror-thriller unlike anything in theaters right now. After an old stranger appears in a peaceful rural village, rumors begin to spread about him as locals die one by one, as they grotesquely kill each other off for unknown reasons. With the village thrown into turmoil and the stranger under a cloud of suspicion from villagers and the local police, tension and dread mount to near-epic proportions in this gripping whodunit.

The Wailing opens in select cities June 3.

Check out the new trailer, as well as the original trailer, below:

(Via io9)