That epic battle between Hulk + Superman continues in latest fan clip

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Dec 27, 2013, 5:08 PM EST

What would happen if Superman fought the Hulk? One extremely talented comic-book fan has been working for three years to answer that question, and the latest ass-kicking installment in the saga has arrived.

Animator Mike Habjan has used the jumping-off point as the inspiration for his CGI magnum opus, and Supes has been slugging it out with Bruce Banner’s alter ego for three shorts already. But the newest clip is easily the best.

The effects are drastically improved, while the action never slows down. We open with Hulk beating the stew out of Supes, though the Man of Steel definitely has the upper hand by the time the clip closes. But don’t worry, Hulk fans, there’s at least one more entry in the saga on the way.

Even cooler? Habjan went with the classic Christopher Reeve version of Superman, which just makes this all the more awesome.

Check out the latest clip below and let us know who you think would win.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)