The epic conclusion to Chris Evans and Chris Pratt's superhero Super Bowl bet

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Feb 2, 2015

Real-life Marvel heroes Chris Evans and Chris Pratt have had a healthy bit of banter the past week leading up to the Super Bowl — so how did it end when Captain America’s team took out Star-Lord’s Seahawks?

The Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy stars had wagered a charity visit on the winner of the game, since Pratt is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan and Evans is a staunch supporter of the New England Patriots. Though it looked like the Seahawks almost had the win, the Patriots pulled one out of the fire with just a few seconds left to seal Evans’ victory.

The results are hilarious, as Pratt has to eat his Seahawks love and offer a shout out to the Patriots. Of course, the real winners are the kids at Christopher’s Haven in Boston and Seattle Children’s Hospital — because the heroes will be visiting both sites, despite the Patriots’ win.

(Via Chris Pratt, Chris Evans)

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