Epic fan trailer gives us the Avengers vs. Justice League movie we've always wanted

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Considering the tangled web movie rights weave, hell would probably have to freeze over before DC and Marvel teamed up for a massive crossover event. Luckily, this is the next-best thing.

Some intrepid fans have gone to painstaking efforts to splice together footage from The Avengers, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, Arrow, The Flash, X-Men, The Dark Knight, Amazing Spider-Man, Game of Thrones and a smattering of other films and videogames to create the closest thing we’ll probably ever see to The Avengers vs. Justice League on the big screen.

Is it absolutely ridiculous? Sure, but man, that doesn’t make it any less awesome. They do a great job of matching up the heroes (see: Hawkeye vs. Arrow) and trying to connect the footage in a tangible way to at least make it seem like this could all be from the same project. What we’d give to see Iron Man duking it out with the Joker, and the Flash trying to outrun a Thor storm.

Just. Wow. Geek out and enjoy:

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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