That epic Japan vs USA giant robot battle is on for August

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Apr 11, 2017, 11:38 AM EDT

A robotic rumble of mechanized proportions is now official as the ongoing feud between America’s MegaBots Inc. and Japan’s Suidoboshi Heavy Industries (SHI) has now come to a steel-clashing head and the match of the century is set for August. Some unkind insults have been hurled back and forth across the Pacific Ocean, each taunt intended to bring the other combatant into the arena for an ultimate showdown of mecha might.

This cold steel war has been percolating for the past two years as a venue for the fight has fallen through a couple times, but now it appears promoters on both sides have come to an agreement that will match MegaBots’ 12-ton Mk. III in a deadly duel with SHI’s 9,000-pound KURATA megabot.

Both teams are keeping the shrouds on the most recent upgrades to their metal maulers, but you can see a new announcement by Team America and the original SHI challenge response in the videos below. We'll keep you posted when the exact viewing details and dates become available, and may the best behemoth 'bot win!

(Via Nerdist)