Ep 2 of Who's Pond Life serves up sneak peek at dinos in space

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

The second episode of the Doctor Who web series Pond Life has debuted, offering up even more excitement than the debut episode yesterday. Want a sneak peek at season seven? Well, then hurry, because no one on this planet is safe!

Part two of the five-part web series picks up with the Doctor (Matt Smith) dropping in on the Ponds at a rather late hour, breaking the bedroom rule. (But it's okay, he covers his eyes.)

Most importantly, it seems like some major drama is lined up for series seven, and we get a peek at some massive set pieces, ranging from huge explosions to dinosaurs on a spaceship.

My only gripe? When they said short, they meant it. The latest installment clocks in at a little over a minute, and like the first episode, it focuses a bit more on the Doctor than the Ponds. That's fine (hey, I love the Doctor!), but for this to be called The Ponds, it shouldn't feel like it's all about the Doctor.

Check out the latest episode below, and get ready—Doctor Who is back Saturday, Sept. 1, on BBC America.

What do you think? Are you enjoying the web extras?

(Via Digital Spy)