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Ernest Hemingway helps fight a minotaur in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

This show continues to be the big, goofy cousin to the rest of the Arrowverse — but that doesn’t make it any less fun. The latest episode mixed everything from bureaucratic gags to the Roaring ’20’s into an adventure for a, well, Legend.

Spoilers ahead for “Tender Is the Nate,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, Nov. 26, 2018.

Nate has spent much of the season in the present day, working with Ava to keep things running at the Time Bureau. That mission got even zanier when he learned his estranged father is actually the government bureaucrat tasked with overseeing the department’s budget. So this week, Nate’s old man wanted to see what all that money is buying when it comes to the crew of the Waverider. So Nate’s dad winds up tagging along on a mission to capture a rogue minotaur roaming the streets of 1920s Paris, when folks like Ernest Hemingway, and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, roamed the streets.

Following the old cliche, Nate’s dad is initially unimpressed with the team’s approach, but comes around just in time to save the day himself by executing Nate’s plan of playing a lullaby to get the creature to fall asleep. It was refreshing they didn’t dwell too much on the drama there, and instead let the adventure be a fun one. Nate’s dad is obsessed with Ernest Hemingway, and geeks out at the chance to meet his idol. He even enlists the classic manly man to help out with the hunt, though Sara eventually has to deck him when he tries to shoot the defenseless minotaur. It’s a silly set piece, with silly costumes and a silly creature. It was also hella-fun.

The episode also finally brings Nate face to face with the team’s newest addition, Charlie, who just so happens to be wearing the face of his former love Amaya. The two do find some common ground, and by episode’s end, Nate is pulling for Charlie to find her own place among this crew of misfits. Sure, it was all a bit breezy, but that’s something this show does well. Just enjoy the ride.

Assorted musings

Legends of Tomorrow Charlie

The B-story this week focused on Ava and Nora Darhk, who accidentally become locked in a cell (along with new hire Mona, the delivery girl from last week) and are forced to spend the episode’s run time finding a bit of common ground. Thankfully, they do, due in large part to their hilariously awful childhood stories. Which is worse, a future clone or possessed vessel? Tough contest, for real. The story also provided a bit of context for how they might fit Nora into the ensemble here, and having her make a connection with Ava certainly didn’t hurt.

Sara bursting into Ava’s office wearing lingerie was a sweet moment, and as always, nice to see a couple being happy with no manufactured drama.

Naked Constantine! Gotta love how they just slip that on in.

Aww, Nate finally got his Legends pizza party. Though he’s back in the fold, Nate seems to be sticking it out at the Bureau, at least for the time being. If nothing else, it stands to reason having him in a suit and tie has helped cut the CGI costs a bit with his “steel up” abilities.

Next week: The Legends fall into a horror story, complete with evil dolls and serial killers. Gulp.