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Erotic fan fiction writers share their sexiest explicit stories: Sherlock, Reylo and more! [Fandom Files #16]

Dec 18, 2018, 1:00 PM EST (Updated)

There are no explicit sex scenes in Edgar Wright's cop comedy Hot Fuzz, and at no point during the 13 episodes of BBC's Sherlock do its two detectives ever kiss one another. There was no love interest for Eli Roth's Nazi-clubbing Donnie Donowitz in Inglourious Basterds, and there's never been any (overt) suggestion that Kylo Ren and Rey harbor an interest in using the Force on one another in that way.

But why let reality get in the way of a good sex fantasy?

With Valentine's Day just days away, The Fandom Files decided to dive into the world of erotic fan fiction. And it is a very, very big world, developed organically over decades by generations of fans. As it stands today, most erotic fan fiction lives on the internet, on sites like Archive of Our Own and, with further searchable subgenres. The community has its own language and set of rules, as well as its own trends and popular pairings.

Warning: There is some really, really graphic language in the podcast below!


The top erotic pairings on Archive of Our Own in 2017 came mostly from teen-focused properties. There were two pairings from Supernatural (Castiel and Dean, and Dean and Sam) as well as one apiece from Teen Wolf (Derek and Stiles) and One Direction (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, who are real people). And as expected, the modern BBC iteration of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson also ranked at the top, because people love to imagine those two blokes doin' it.

The Fandom Files invited a number of erotic fan fiction writers to talk about their work and read some of their steamiest excerpts on the air — and yes, we had a Sherlock and Watson story, naturally. Here is our lineup, and the franchises and characters about which they wrote:

Zalia Chimera: Zombies, Run!
Lee Douglass: Hot Fuzz
WalnutWhale”: Rey and Kylo Ren
Elinor Gray: Sherlock 
Emily Gaudette: Inglourious Basterds


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