The ESA turned the Rosetta and Philae mission into an adorable cartoon

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Dec 27, 2016, 3:58 PM EST

If you like space, and adorable cartoons, this one's for you.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has condensed its ambitious Rosetta and Philae mission into a cute, informative cartoon. The 24-minute animated comic hits the high points of what the asteroid lander set out to do, and what it accomplished. All broken down in a kid-friendly way that makes science accessible and fun. The video also explains why we study comets in the first place, and helps provide some perspective for kiddos who may not see past the smiling satellite and happy planet Earth. 

The robotic lander Philae became the first man-made craft ever to land on a comet in 2014, though it mostly lost contact soon after due to a bumpy landing that ended with the craft in a shadow (which cut down on the amount of solar power available). But, it still sent back some intel and made contact with Earth, making the mission a success. Bumpy landing or not.

If we’re looking to inspire a new generation of space explorers, little projects like this are the perfect way to get kids (and adults!) excited about the science. It might not be the first man on Mars, but what Philae pulled off is still an astounding feat. And now we have a cartoon to prove it.

Check out the story below and let us know what you think: