Robert Rodriguez is Fox's choice to direct the Escape From New York reboot

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Apr 26, 2017, 3:06 PM EDT (Updated)

Some version of an Escape From New York remake has been bounced between different writers, different directors, and even different studios for about a decade now.

Since 2015, the project has been settled in at Fox, where Luther creator Neil Cross has developed script that apparently ditches the whole future-New-York-as-a-maximum-security-prison concept, gives Snake Plissken a "real" name and introduces a new villain, among other things. The details about Cross' script began to emerge late last year, and that was the last we heard about Escape From New York until Friday, when news of a new director emerged.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Rodriguez is now "in negotiations" with the studio to direct Escape From New York, raising the profile of the project and setting the stage for what Fox hopes will be another Planet of the Apes-style franchise revival. Rodriguez is working on Alita: Battle Angel at Fox right now, and apparently what he's doing there has impressed the studio enough to get him another blockbuster gig.

Rodriguez is a lifelong genre and cult movie superfan, and he's definitely a devotee of Escape co-creator John Carpenter, inviting the director to be interviewed for the inaugural episode of his interview series The Director's Chair in 2014. He's also a tested action director who knows how to get creative on set, and I feel like he could certainly nail the tone of the film, provided his vision is compatible with what Cross and the studio have in mind. That said, his filmography has ranged from pulp masterpiece (Sin City, Planet Terror) to ... well, other stuff (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For), so it'll be interesting to see where this film falls should he get the gig.

We'll keep you posted on whether or not Rodriguez ends up with this job. In the meantime, what do you think of the choice?