That Escape from New York reboot? Joel Silver says it'll be a prequel trilogy

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Feb 10, 2014, 2:23 PM EST

Were you wondering what's up with that planned Escape from New York reboot? Good news, everyone, because plans are in motion to make not only one flick, but three.

Producer Joel Silver, who’s toiling away on this particular reboot, has revealed plans to make a trilogy of films. 

And not only will the “reboot” be a trilogy, but it’ll also actually be a prequel to John Carpenter’s 1981 classic sci-fi flick (and its not-so-classic and better-left-forgotten 1996 sequel Escape From L.A.) The good news is: The plans are there, but things are moving a bit sluggishly. The bad news is: There’s no screenplay ... yet.

Still, here’s what Joel Silver told Collider:

"There was a videogame that came out a few years ago called Arkham City", he said, "which shows how when Gotham became this kind of walled prison and how it became a walled prison. And they never deal with that in the story of Escape From New York, so part of our idea was to kind of see how the city became this walled prison and how the Snake Plissken character was a hero and how he became not looked at as a hero".
He added that "and then, in the middle of the story would be the movie that we, you know, previously saw about the President’s daughter goes down, he has to go in and get her. And then, you know, they did a sequel, Escape From LA, but I would like to then kind of find a way to have New York go back to a place that we’d like to see what it is today".

We’re really excited about Silver’s plans for rebooting Escape From New York by actually making it a prequel trilogy, and the premise sounds interesting. It may be a bit of a wait before we have Snake Plissken back on the big screen again, so here’s us hoping it’ll all work out.

How do you guys like Joel Silver’s plans to create an Escape From New York prequel trilogy of films? Do you think that’s the best way to go? And who would you like to see step into Kurt Russell's shoes and eyepatch as Plissken?

(Collider via Den of Geek)