E.T. researchers blast Cowboys & Aliens for getting aliens wrong

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Jun 26, 2015, 2:53 PM EDT

Of all the problems we figured folks might have with Cowboys & Aliens, the one that never occurred to us was that the aliens hadn't been accurately portrayed. But that's what some E.T. researchers are saying.

According to Alfred Webre, a Vancouver, B.C. researcher, specializing in "exopolitics," the movie was inaccurate because:

"There is no evidence of harmful alien abductions during that period. ... That didn't start until 1934 when the U.S. government, on FDR's watch, signed a treaty with the Orion Gray aliens. Then there was a parallel treaty made with the Third Reich in 1941.

"Also, the movie shows the aliens looking for gold. The only aliens interested in gold are the Anunnaki, an alien race from the Sirius system that appeared in ancient Sumeria."

We had no idea ...

And what's worse, says Webre, is that the film could have a devastating effect on future human/alien relationships because it could "send out the signal that aliens are our enemies and that we're trigger-happy."

Good thing the only reported sightings of aliens lately have been on theater screens and not out front buying tickets ....

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