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Ethan Hawke's new time-travel flick is Looper meets TimeCop in first Predestination trailer

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Jul 21, 2014, 5:57 PM EDT

Yes, our Ethan Hawke meter sounded a warning bell or two at first glance, too (Don't hate on the Hawke, bro - Ed.) — but the first trailer for this new, low-budget sci-fi flick is surprisingly sharp.

Dubbed Predestination, the trailer plays like a gritty mashup of Looper and TimeCop, with a few other nice sci-fi tropes thrown in for good measure. The gist is this: Hawke plays a temporal agent tasked with stopping a bombing in 1970s New York, and the period-piece angle gives it a nice visual flourish and stark contrast between the future-set shots.

The effects are simple but effective, and the trailer does a solid job of setting up the stakes. But a few red flags do pop up. The film was directed by the Spierig brothers, aka the guys who made Hawke’s mediocre 2009 vampire flick Daybreakers, so take that into consideration. Festival reviews have also been a bit mixed. But, dang, this trailer still looks good.

Check out the appropriately trippy official synopsis below:

In mid-’70s New York, a man in a fedora slips into an office building’s boiler room, carrying a mysterious briefcase. He uncovers a bomb, and is attacked while struggling to deactivate it. He succeeds — almost. Horribly disfigured, he’s transported to his agency’s headquarters where he receives a new face. He’s a temporal agent, traveling back and forth through time, altering history, and his assignment — thwart the mass murder perpetrated by the so-called “Fizzle Bomber” — continues. New face, new place. Now he’s undercover as a bartender. He falls into conversation with a tough yet androgynous customer. There’s something off about the guy, who offers to enlighten the agent with “the best story you ever heard”…

Dig into the full trailer above and let us know what you think. There’s no release date yet, but hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

(Via The Playlist)